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[movies]Turn Taking Activity - Benjamin Stewart
Turn-taking activity
Keywords: discourse analysis
Downloads: 10
Audio for Presentation 1
Keywords: Audio; Discourse
Downloads: 3
[audio]Homily for Seventh Sunday of Easter - Rev Austin Fleming
Keywords: Farewell discourse
Downloads: 272
[audio]Post-Exam Relief & Anti-Intellectualism
a discussion about Post-Exam Relief & Anti-Intellectualism.
Keywords: discussion; discourse; intellectual
Downloads: 25
[audio]good-morning-dhamma - paiboonb
รายà¸à¸²à¸£à¸à¸£à¸£à¸¡à¸£à¸±à¸à¸­à¸£à¸¸à¸ ออà¸à¸­à¸²à¸à¸²à¸ª à¹à¸à¸¢ à¸à¸£à¸°à¹à¸à¸à¸¹à¸¥à¸¢à¹ อภิà¸à¸¸à¸à¹à¸ วัà¸à¸à¹à¸²à¸à¸­à¸à¸«à¸²à¸¢à¹à¸¨à¸
Keywords: morning; dhamma; sermon; discourse
Downloads: 8
[audio]King and Servant Show 22
Jonathan is joined by special guest Dee Dee Warren to exposit the Olivet discourse from preterist perspective, seeing the events predicted therein as being largely fulfilled within the first century with the destruction of Jerusalem in AD70
Keywords: Preterism; Eschatology; Olivet Discourse
Downloads: 482
[movies]Discourse - Ummah WorldWide
Discourse on Earthbound Radio, Sundays from 12-2pm
Keywords: radio; discourse; earthbound
Downloads: 62
[audio]Just Let It Go...
Curcuit Overseer's Talk in Tennessee
Keywords: Biblical Public Discourse
Downloads: 112
[texts]The Semiotics Of Conceptual Structures 1 - Harjeet Singh Gill, Professor Emeritus, Jawaharlal Nehru University
The Abelardian DiscourseCartesian DiscourseConceptual DiscourseStructural DiscoursePolitical DiscourseMythico-literary DiscourseInterpretative Discourse
Keywords: Semiotics; Structuralism; Abelardian Discourse
Downloads: 197
[movies]Discourse on EarthBound Radio - Talhah
DisCourse Promo
Keywords: Radio Show; Discourse
Downloads: 110
[audio]The Truth about the Bible- DaVinci Code Discourse - Robb Almy
A message given by Robb Almy at New Season Church Fredericksburg, VA on 6/04/06.
Keywords: DaVinci Code Discourse
Downloads: 98
[audio]Satsangh Audios - Sowmya Ramkumar
Verses 29-36 of the Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10 DISCOURSES on Chapter 13
Keywords: Gita; Audio; Discourse; Satsang
Downloads: 240
[texts]runge_review - Jim West
review of runge's lexham discourse bible
Keywords: Lexham Hebrew Discourse; review
Downloads: 246
[audio]The Discourse about Suitable Deeds
This is one of those memorable discourses addressed by the Buddha to the lay community that is found in the Anguttaranikaya (AN 4.61). In this case it was a teaching given to the householder Anathapindika. The Buddha first outlines four desirable things: wealth which is honestly gained, fame, long-life and a Heavenly rebirth; he then shows how these things can be attained; and the deeds that can be performed with that wealth which will ensure further well-being...
Keywords: Buddha; Dhamma; Dharma; Discourse
Downloads: 310
[audio]Dharma Talk: Simile of the Snake - Christopher Titmuss
Dharma Talk recorded in India, February 2006. For more information on the author and Dharma related topics see http://www.insightmeditation.org If you want to make a donation to Christopher, you are very welcome to provide dana here
Keywords: Dharma; Buddha; Discourse; Titmuss
Downloads: 105
[texts]Tourism and invention: Roland Barthes's Empire of signs - Saper, Craig Jonathan
Keywords: Barthes, Roland; Discourse analysis
Downloads: 1,152
[texts]Anaphora in natural language understanding : a survey - Hirst, Graeme
Book digitized by Google from the library of Harvard University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.
Keywords: Anaphora (Linguistics); Discourse analysis
Downloads: 1,361
[audio]DUI Podcast - Beta Episode - Jason McLaughlin
Episode 0.1 Beta - iTunes Placeholder Click here to get the episode directly, or click one of the links to the right to subscribe to our feed. This episode: * Nothing really special * Honestly * Ron and Eric puss out because of a measly 3 feet of snow (whatever guys, that's cool, but you were purse shopping and you know it) * Jason discusses what will be discussed on the show without actually discussing it in a fit of postmodernist nonsense Music: * "Take it Easy" - Bright Eyes All music from th...
Keywords: discourse; philosophy; beta episode; discourse under the influence; beer; drunk
Downloads: 599
[audio]Knutepunkt 09 Roleplaying Panel - Bill White
Talks by Bill White and Tobias Harding at Knutepunkt, Haraldvangen Norway, April 2009
Keywords: larp; rpg; democracy; discourse analysis
Downloads: 38
[movies]future archive: Critical Practice 2 - cinzia/ manuela/ cp
this interview is part of the future archive project. for more information see: www.futurearchive.org
Keywords: critical practice, art, discourse, change
Downloads: 196
This book is based on my doctoral thesis Valori stilistice ale timpurilor verbale in limbile engleza si romana, which was defended at Universitatea Bucuresti, Romania, in March, 1999. Consisting of two parts, the approach opens with a comparative presentation of the English and Romanian verb systems. In its second part, the study focuses on each of the English tenses (with both its simple and progressive forms) to discuss its (more or less successful) version in Romanian...
Keywords: tense; aspect; aktionsart; epistolary discourse
Downloads: 3
[texts]analisis del discurso - Honnet y Heidegger
This work is about of an analysis discourse tool "carta a la sociedad" where was maked in a Public University (Nacional) where different students answer to seven questions related to politic's formation in there university. we analisys this discourse specifically two questions of "carta a la sociedad"
Keywords: Proposition; joung discourse; ethic; reconocimiento
Downloads: 52
[texts]3. Humanities Gender Reperesentations In Three Hayat Aoumeur
Within the framework of Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis, this study is devoted to the analysis of male and female representations in three school textbooks to which children from 6 to10 years old are exposed to, in primary schools in Algeria. The methodology adopted is to connect the linguistic features in the texts (the Micro) to the social factors   (the macro). The Analysis reveals that despite the measures taken by the Algerian government, in general and the Ministry of education, in...
Keywords: Discourse; Gender; Representation; Socialization; Textbook
Downloads: 4
[movies]Discourse - Ummah WorldWide
DIscourse Show on EarthBound Radio
Keywords: Discourse; Promo; Radio Show; Trailer
Downloads: 141
[texts]ERIC ED348669: Scenes from the Civil Courtroom: Rhetoric, Expertise, and Commonsense Narratives. - ERIC
Professional and disciplinary rhetoric often breaks down when texts cross professional boundaries. An ethnographic study conducted in an Indiana courtroom during a civil trial demonstrates the failure of disciplinary rhetoric. Despite the fact that the plaintiffs in a personal injury case had demonstrated the negligence of the defendant according to the rules of legal logic, they lost the case. The jurors were following their own narrative script of the events portrayed in the courtroom...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Court Litigation; Discourse Analysis; Discourse Communities; Discourse Modes; Higher Education; Juries; Persuasive Discourse; Textbook Content; Writing Instruction
Downloads: 4
[audio]DUI 9 - NASCAR, Stinkor, and Isreal - Jason McLaughlin
This Episode * We're in Iraq (and soon Iran) to take the oil from the middle east to keep NASCAR going. I can't believe we didn't see this one earlier. It's so intuitive. * Some stuff about World War II, "what's next--women drivers?" * He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was basically serialized gay porn in Saturday morning cartoon form. * Jason successfully segues from Stinkor (of He-Man fame) to the Israel problem...
Keywords: dui; discourse under the influence
Downloads: 40
[texts]Evaluating interethnic conflict in the press: a cross-linguistic discourse analysis model - McGarry, Richard G.
Keywords: Discourse analysis, Narrative; Mass media
Downloads: 1,025
[texts]Umeshiba: Are you satisfied? - Carmen Bedard-Gautrais
Senior Project Collection
Keywords: Discourse Analysis/ Narrative Kenya Food
Downloads: 210
[audio]Listening Speaking
Lecture on teaching English Listening & Speaking skills
Keywords: linguistics; discourse; listening; speaking; English
Downloads: 325
[audio]Poetrycast August 2007 - Jonathan Stone
In this episode we will discuss the some of the poetry of Pablo Neruda as well as some of the similarities between his work and that of his contemporary, William Butler Yeats.
Keywords: Yeats; Neruda; poetry; discourse; translation
Downloads: 101
[texts]ERIC ED375410: Metaphorical Transformation: A Tool for Enhancing Holistic Language Instruction and Student Identity. - ERIC
The Cartesian/Newtonian vision of human existence is outmoded because modern quantum physics has rendered it inaccurate. Quantum theory has demonstrated that the world cannot be reduced to independent and separate elements. The notion that there is an external, objective reality "out there," separate from the self, to be classified, measured, quantified, and manipulated has been severely undermined...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Classroom Communication; Classroom Techniques; Discourse Analysis; Discourse Communities; Discourse Modes; Educational Theories; Higher Education; Learning Processes; Metaphors
Downloads: 7
[texts]ERIC ED318048: A Guide to Commonplaces: On the Uses of Loci in Educators' Discourse. - ERIC
This paper discusses the rhetoric of American educators to show that rhetorical analyses can be used to highlight assumed concepts and values within educators' discourses, policies, and practices, and to suggest that greater awareness of their rhetoric can help educators make their communications congruent with their purposes. The paper describes and applies contemporary theories of rhetoric to one feature of educators' discourse, the commonplace...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Discourse Analysis; Discourse Communities; Educational Philosophy; Educational Policy; Language Role; Persuasive Discourse; Rhetorical Invention; Rhetorical Theory; Teacher Education
Downloads: 3
[movies]Moore Up North Episode 221 - Death and Taxes - Shannyn Moore, Kelly Walters, Ivan Bacon, Dave Turnbull, Fireweed Communications (Anchorage My-TV5) and TapRoot
INTERVIEW David Gottstein-President, Dynamic Capital Management and co-founder of the Backbone Group, a citizen watchdog for oil and gas issues. PANEL Elstun Laueson-Rural Development Consultant and writer Elvi Gray-Jackson-Anchorage Assemblywoman Dick Reichman-Cyrano's Theatre Company Playwright Taped at Taproot
Keywords: Gas Pipeline, Alaska Permanent Fund, Civil Discourse
Downloads: 38
[audio]When a Raging Tyrant Calls for Civility - Matt Timmons
Many have raved over the speech the president gave at the recent memorial service in Tuson, AZ. However, can a raving tyrant really call for civility in public discourses. And what does the president mean when he tells us that we should speak words that heal, rather than wound? In today's episode of the Town Crier Show, we'll kick around some thoughts with regard to civility and tyranny Today's show will examine the immense irony and hypocracy of the president's words...
Keywords: Tuson Memorial; Obama; Tyranny; Civility; Public Discourse
Downloads: 24
Sunday Dhamma Talk
Keywords: Dhamma Talk; Dhamma Discourse; Sunday Dhamma Talk
Downloads: 366
[movies]edward griffin a discourse on government - quicksilverscreen.com
edward griffin a discourse on government
Keywords: edward griffin a discourse on government
Downloads: 52
[audio]The Discourse giving the Analysis of Offerings - Anandajoti Bhikkhu
A Discourse from the Middle Length collection of the Pali Canon in which the types of gifts and their benefits are analysed.
Keywords: Buddha; Dhamma; Dharma; Sutta; Sutra; Discourse
Downloads: 274
[audio]The Discourse to Girimananda - Anandajoti Bhikkhu
A Discourse from the Anguttara Nikaya of the Pali Canon, addressed to the monk Girimananda explaining 10 different types of meditation practice.
Keywords: Buddha; Dhamma; Dharma; Sutta; Sutra; Discourse; Meditation
Downloads: 462
[audio]FM106 Dhamma Discourse 2012
เปิดธรรมที่ถูกปิดด้วยพุทธวจน ผ่านรายการ ศันสนีย์สนทนา ที่ วิทุยคลื่น FM 106 MHz. สถานีวิทยุครอบครัวข่าว สทร.เอฟ.เอ็ม.106 รวมถึง 154 สถานี ในเครือข่ายของสถานีวิทยุพุทธศาสนาแห่งชาติเฉลิมพระ...
Keywords: Dhamma Talk; puredhamma; Dhamma Discourse; เทศน์; ธรรม
Downloads: 3,343
[movies]Ethnic and Racial Political Discourse : CSPAN : September 1, 2014 3:00am-3:55am EDT
Exploring the ethnic and racial innuendoes in political campaigns.
Keywords: Ethnic and Racial Political Discourse; Television Program
Downloads: 5
[audio]The Discourse Concerning Malunkyaputta - Anandajoti Bhikkhu
A discourse from the Connected Discourse Collection (Samyutta Nikaya) of the Pali Canon in which the Buddha leads the monk Malunkyaputta through a series of questions and answers meant to bring him to a deeper understanding of reality.
Keywords: Buddha; Dhamma; Dharma; Sutta; Sutra; Discourse; Meditation
Downloads: 372
RECSUND A GUIDED DISCOURSE A soundtrack to a film I may never make. Its about a couple who like in a lot of sci-fi storeys escape there origins for a higher state of conciseness. The two find out the possibility of freeing themselves from their physical entities to discover the shift isn't as simple as first imagined. 01 LEAVING THE INFRASTRUCTURE THROUGH PERIMETER BREAK 02 DEFENCES ALERTED TO LATE 03 THE WALK BEGINS & SUFFERS SECOND FORTS 04 NEARLY DETECTED IN THE MIDDLE OF KNOWHERE 05 TRYING T...
Downloads: 73
[unknown]Wiki - Discourse DB
Discourse DB dumped with WikiTeam tools.
Keywords: wiki; wikiteam; MediaWiki; Discourse DB; discoursedborg_w
[audio]The Discourse that set the Dhamma Wheel Rolling - Anandajoti Bhikkhu
The first discourse of the Buddha from the Pali Canonical source. The discourse describes the Four Noble Truths with the Eightfold Path, the first Awakening and the Gods rejoicing.
Keywords: Buddha; Dhamma; Dharma; Sutta; Sutra; Discourse
Downloads: 699
[audio]The Long Discourse Giving Advice to Rahula - Anandajoti Bhikkhu
A discourse from the Middle Length Collection (Majjhima Nikaya) of the Pali Canon in which the Buddha gives advice to his son Rahula on the subject of meditation.
Keywords: Buddha; Dhamma; Dharma; Sutta; Sutra; Discourse; Meditation
Downloads: 422
[audio]The Short Readings - Anandajoti Bhikkhu
A reading of nine short pieces collected together at the beginning of the Khuddakanikāya, the 5th Nikāya in the Pāli Canon. They include the Discourse on the Blessings (Mangalasutta); the Discourse on the Treasures (Ratanasutta); and The Discourse on Friendliness Meditation (Mettasutta)
Keywords: Buddha; Dhamma; Dharma; Sutta; Sutra; Discourse
Downloads: 828
[movies]Ethnic and Racial Political Discourse : CSPAN : August 28, 2014 8:56pm-9:51pm EDT
Exploring the ethnic and racial innuendoes in political campaigns.
Keywords: Ethnic and Racial Political Discourse; Television Program
Downloads: 17
[audio]Kognitivní­ dimenze diskurzu: Konstrukční­ gramatiky a pojmová integrace - Dominik Lukes
Czech lecture about the cognitive dimension of discourse
Keywords: cognitive linguistics; text linguistics; discourse analysis
Downloads: 430
[audio]dalit identity in punjab - vineet kumar
ravish ki report 25 june 2010
Keywords: ravish ki report; ndtv india; dalit discourse
Downloads: 20
[texts]Constructing A Visual Rhetoric Copy ( 2) - Edwing Van Gorder
In this study I examine through my own cyber drawings the potential for creating a visual rhetoric linking verbal and visual space to those tropes that traditionally are available to mediate configuration and representation though mood and modality. The goal is to recover to intuition the narrative levels and psychological colloids that generate a creative space in which the information architecture is not lexical but in the realm of art experience and play ...
Keywords: cyber drawing; rhetoric; philosophy; art discourse
Downloads: 6
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